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U7 Division Intramural Rules

1. Coaches
• At the U7 level, coaches must remain on the sidelines during games.
• U7 soccer is instructional soccer. De-emphasize winning and losing. No scores or standings are kept.
• All teams and coaches must shake hands at the end of the game.
• All players must be given equal playing time.
• Coaches are responsible for all players. Please make sure all the players are picked up after games and practices.
• Coaches must arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the game.
• There will be no smoking by coaches or assistant coaches during games or practices.
• Coaches and spectators must be encouraging to the children and kind to the referee.

2. Referees
• No players, coaches, or spectators should challenge the call of the referee. If a player is rude or offensive to the referee, the referee can call for a substitute for that player. The player may not re-enter the game during that half of play.
• Norwood Youth Soccer will not tolerate the abuse of any referee by any player, coach, or spectator. It is the responsibility of the coach to inform parents and players of this rule.
• The referee should inspect the field, flags, and goals to check that conditions are safe.
• The referee should check all players for proper equipment.
• The referee should explain to a child who commits a penalty why the team is being penalized.
• The referee should immediately halt play if any child is injured or if a child falls and is in danger of being kicked. Play should be resumed with a drop ball.

3. Players’ Equipment
• U7 are to use a size 3 ball.
• Team shirts must be worn at all games and practices. Prior to the start of games shirts must be tucked in.
• Shin guards must be worn at all games and practices, with socks over shin guards. Coaches must check for shin guards prior to each practice, and referees must check for shin guards prior to games.
• Sneakers or cleats (rubber sole) must be worn.
• Goal keepers must wear colors which distinguish them from other players, from each other, and from the referee.
• Coaches and referees will check to be sure that no jewelry is worn during play. Medical bracelets may be worn. Earrings must be removed completely.

4. Field of Play
• Spectators must remain on the side of the field opposite the teams. No spectators should be near goalies causing distractions. It is the responsibility of the coach to inform parents of these rules.
• Coaches are responsible for setting up goals and flags before games. Goals must be securely fastened to the ground with four stakes. Coaches in the last games of the day must take down nets and flags and store them.
• No one is to hang from the nets.

5. Number of Players & Substitutes
• Each team consists of 6 players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. A minimum of 5 players is sufficient to begin a game.
• Substitutions can be made only at the time of goal kicks, goals, throw-ins, or half-time. Coaches wishing to substitute should raise a hand and yell “sub” to the referee. Substitutes cannot enter the game until the referee has acknowledged that the coaches signal. There will be no substitutions on corner kicks or penalty kicks.

6. Start and Duration of Game
• Games will consist of two 25-minute halves. The referee is the official time-keeper.
• A coin flip decides which team will kick off. The loser of the coin flip kicks off the second half.
• The kick-off is to take place at the center mark and the teams must line up on their own side of the field. The team kicking off must allow the ball to move one full rotation before another player from the team touches the ball. If the ball is kicked by the same player twice without a second player kicking it, the referee should have the teams repeat the kick-off.

7. Penalties
• Penalties will be called for rough play (e.g., tripping, pushing) and for handling the ball (players other than the goalkeeper).
• There will be no slide tackling due to the potential of injury. If a player attempts a slide tackle, the opposing team will be awarded a free kick.
• There will be no offside penalty enforced.
• A penalty will be called if a player continues to kick a ball while the goalie is picking it up.
• There will be no penalty kicks. If a team commits a foul inside the penalty area, the opposing team will take a penalty kick from the point on the goal area line closest to the spot of the foul.

8. Dead-Ball Situations
• After a goal is scored, teams should be directed to re-start play as soon as possible. At the U6 level, the coach on the field should help direct players to appropriate positions.
• Goal kicks must be taken from within the penalty area. The ball must clear the penalty area before either team’s players touch it. If the ball does not clear the penalty area, the referee indicates a re-kick.
• The ball must go completely over a sideline to be called out of bounds. The player taking the throw-in must have both feet on the ground and the ball must be thrown with two hands from directly behind and over the top of the player’s head.
• At the U7 level, a player receives two chances to throw the ball in correctly. A second incorrect throw-in results in a throw-in for the opposing team.
• If the defensive team touches the ball last before it goes over the endline (not between the goalposts), the offensive team is awarded a corner kick.

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