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Fall 2017 Norwood BAYS Team Schedules


General Information 

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Players of all ages will need cleats, shin guards and a water bottle for practices and games. Jewelry of any kind will not be allowed. Earrings must be removed.  Hooded sweatshirts will not be allowed.


Ball sizes: 

Grades 4/5/6 - Size 4

Grade 7 and up - Size 5



The Norwood Soccer Organization is a standing member of BAYS (Boston Area Youth Soccer League), providing the opportunity for the Norwood community to enjoy competitive soccer with neighboring communities.


Massachusetts Tournament of Champions

The Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC) is a season-ending tournament sponsored by Mass Youth Soccer that brings together age/gender group champions from participating travel leagues. Each of these leagues, in Norwood's case BAYS, establish their own guidelines, including league playoffs, to determine their representatives to this tournament. The leagues that participate in MTOC are: Berkshire, BAYS, Coastal, Essex, MAYS, Middlesex, Nashoba, Pioneer Valley, South Coast and South Shore.


BAYS 2017 Fall Standings Leaders

Girls Grade 6 2D Storm (7-2-1) Patti Bettinelli


BAYS 2017 Spring Standings Leaders

Girls Grade 5 3A Storm (10-0-0) Patti Bettinelli

Girls Grade 4 3A Falcons (8-1-1) Eric Bedard

Boys Grade 12 3A Stangs (6-0-1) Jake Ryan


BAYS 2016 Fall Standings Leaders

Girls Grade 8 4C Avengers (7-2-1) Carlo Petrosino

Girls Grade 6 3D Academy (9-0-0) Brandon Ianelli


BAYS 2016 Spring Standings Leaders

Girls U14 3N Breakers (6-2-2) Victor Peguero

Boys U12 4B Crown (7-1-2) Erik Bodenhofer

Boys U10 3D Raiders (6-3-1) Dave O Carroll

Boys U10 4D Rovers (8-1-1) Joe Papadopoulos


BAYS 2015 Fall Standings Leaders

Girls U10 Storm Div 3A/2E (10-0-0) Maria Gorman
Girls U10 Wild Div 3H   (7-2-1) Cara Murphy
Boys U14 Razors 3L (8-1-1) George DiCesare

BAYS 2015 Spring Standing Leaders

Girls U11 Bobcats Div 3 B (8-1-1) John Barnett

Girls U10 Warriors Div 3A (7-1-2) Jon Zaldivar

Boys U11 Blue Demons Div 3K (8-1-1) Jon Cain


BAYS 2014 Fall Standing Leaders

Boys U12 Crusaders 3E (7-2-1) Laurie Shea
Boys U11 Blue Demons 4B (9-1-0) Jon Cain

BAYS 2014 Spring Standing Leaders

Girls U12 Breakers Div. 3E (6-2-2) Rob Jones
Girls U12 Greyhounds Div 4B (8-0-2) Anne Marie Wagner
Girls U10 Bobcats Div 3A (7-2-1) Tracey Barnett
Boys U14 Thunder Div 3H (6-2-2) Mike Pugatch
Boys U12 Renegades Div. 3E (8-1-1) Jon Zaldivar
Boys U12 Raptors Div. 4A (7-3-0) George DiCesare

BAYS 2013 Fall Standing Leaders

Girls U14 Lady Revs Div. 2G (6-2-2) Kim Brincklow

Girls U14 Wildcats  Div. 3R (7-2-1) Kathleen Quinn

Boys U11 Crusaders Div 2E (7-1-2) Hector Santos

Boys U10 Blue Demons Div. 3L1 (9-0-1) Matt Flaherty

Boys U10 Blue Dynamo Div 4C (5-3-2) Beverly Murphy


BAYS 2013 Spring Standing Leaders

Boys U18/19 Mustangs Div 2A (6-0-1) Pat Payne
Boys U14  Titans Div 3D (9-1-0 Dan Gold
Boys U14 Thunder Div 4A2 (10-0-0) Dan Foley
Boys U11 Razors Div 3A (8-2-0) Jake Ryan
Boys U11 Raptors Div 4A (9-1-0) George Dicesare
Boys U10 Crown Div 4D (6-2-2) Laurie Shea

BAYS 2012 Fall Standings Leaders

Boys U14 Titans Div 3F (9-1-0) Dan Gold

Girls U10 Eagles Div 4B (8-2-0) Dave O'Carroll



BAYS 2012 Spring Standing Leaders

Girls U12 Piranhas Div 2D (8-1-1) John Irwin
Boys U16 Revolution Div 3B (6-1-0) Mike Preston
Boys U14 Thunder Div 4B (8-1-1 ) Dan Foley

Boys U14 Razors Div 3D (9-0-1) Jake Ryan

Boys U10 Raiders Div 4A (8-2-0) Bill Germino

BAYS 2011 Fall Standing Leaders

Girls U12 Piranhas Div 2B2 (6-3-1) John Irwin
Girls U10 Tigers Div 4A1 (8-1-1) Ed Ferris
Boys U10 Raiders Div 4A (9-0-1) Jake Ryan


BAYS 2011 State Champions

Girls U12 Div 2 Lady Revs Coaches John Goncalves and Marty Odstrchel

BAYS 2011 State Champions Girls U12 Div2

BAYS 2011 Spring Standing Leaders

Girls U14 Blasters Div 4A (9-1-0) John Looney

Girls U12 Lady Revs Div 2A (7-2-1) John Goncalves

Girls U12 Wolverines Div 3K (9-1-0) Mike Dow

Girls U12 Breakers Div 4B (7-1-2) Steve McCarthy

Boys U18 Mustangs Div 2A (4-0-2) Pat Payne

Boys U14 United Div 3B (9-1-0) Dave McGrath

Boys U14 Spartans Div 4A (7-2-1) Rob Jones

Boys U10 Knights Div 4A (7-2-1) Sasanka Griddalur

President Cup Finalist

 Boys U14 United Dave McGrath and Mark Jeffery

U14 President's Cup Finalist


BAYS 2010 Fall Standing Leaders
Girls U14 Thunder Div 2F (8-1-1) Rich Moynihan 
Girls U12 Lady Revs Div 2B (6-0-4) John Goncalves
Girls U10 Piranhas Div 2H (8-1-1) John Irwin
Boys U10 Rovers Div 3D (8-0-2) Joe Walsh


BAYS 2010 Spring Standings Leaders

Girls U12- Norwood Tornadoes Div 2C (9-0-1) -Luke Macdonald
GU-12 Lady REVs 2G (10-0-0)  - Marty Odstrachel
GU-10 United (8-2-0)  - Kim Brincklow
BU-10 Crew  (7-3-0)  - Shawn Hennessey

Presidents Cup 2010 Finalist

BU-14 3A  Revolution  - Joe Kimmett & Mike Preston


BAYS 2009 Fall Standings Leaders

Girls U12- Norwood Tornadoes Div 2D (8-2-0) -Luke Macdonald
Boys U12- Norwood Ajax Div 2D (8-2-0) - Jeff Weidenaar


BAYS 2009 State Spring Champions! 

Boys U14- Norwood Sporting Div 2A - Coaches John Goncalves & Pat Payne

Norwood Sporting State Champs

BAYS 2009 Spring Standings Leaders

Boys U14- Norwood Sporting Div 2A (7-2-1) - John Goncalves
Boys U11- Norwood Ajax Div2G (7-1-0) - Jeff Weidenaar
Girls U12- Norwood Tornadoes Div 2F (8-1-1) -Luke Macdonald
Girls U11- Norwood Piranhas Div 3F (9-0-1) - John Irwin
Sporting and the Tornadoes were the two teams that made the BAYS Playoffs. Sporting and Coaches Goncalves and Payne are the 2009 Mass Youth Soccer State Champions for Boys U14 Division 2.

BAYS 2008 Fall Standings Leaders

U14 - Norwood Sporting Division 2B -( 7-1-2) John Goncalves
U12 - Norwood United Division 2E-( 9-0-1) Dave McGrath
U12 - Norwood Fire Division 4B-( 7-1-2) Sasanka Griddalur
U14 – Norwood Strikers -  Div. 2F – ( 9-1 ) – Kevin Fogg
U14 – Norwood Freedom – Div. 3O – ( 9-0-1 ) – Sallie Vlahos
U12 – Norwood Thunder – Div. 2C - 10-0-0 – Rich Moynihan
U12 – Norwood Tornadoes – Div. 2G – 7-1-2 – Luke Macdonald
U10 – Norwood Lady Revs – Div. 1B – 8-0-2 – John Goncalves

BAYS 2008 Spring Season Section Leaders

U-12 Boys 3B2 Revolution with coach Mike Preston

BAYS 2007 Fall Standings Leaders

U-14 Girls 2G (co-champs) Breakers and Kevin Fogg
U-14 Girls 3F Blue Devils and Dan Norton
U-12 Girls 2D Aces and Dave Cadiz 
U-12 Girls 3C Thunder and Rich Moynihan
U-12Girls 3L Inferno and John Looney
U-10 Girls 2F Tornadoes and Luke Macdonald

BAYS 2007 Spring Standings Leaders

U-14 Girls 1A2 Cyclones and Kevin Fogg
U-14 Girls 3B Breakers and Dan Norton
U-12 Girls 2D Hurricanes and Denise Colomey
U-12 Girls 3C Piranhas and John Irwin
U-12Girls 3G2 Lightning and Sally Vlahos
U-10 Boys 2E United and Dave McGrath

In the First season that NYS had two Division 1 MTOC eligible teams in the same season all three teams won to enter the BAYS playoff:

U-14 Girls 1A2 Cyclones and Kevin Fogg
U-12 Girls 2D Hurricanes and Denise Colomey
U-12 Boys 1AA Sporting and John Goncalves


BAYS 2006 Fall Standings Leaders

U-12 Boys Div 2B Sporting (10-0-0) John Goncalves - Undefeated
U-14 Girls Div 2A1 Cyclones (10-0-0) Kevin Fogg - Undefeated and unscored upon this season for Norwood Youth Soccer & Bays

U-14 Girls Div 3Q1 Blue Devils - John Trask
U-12 Girls Div 3L Lightning- Sally Vlahos
U-10 Girls Div 2E Thunder - Rick Moynihan
U-10 Girls Div 3k Wolfpack - Peter Schnoor





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