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Referee Self Evaluation

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Referee Self Evaluation
One of the effective methods available for improving performance and skills is the use of an orderly self-evaluation process after each match. 

Please use this list of questions to evaluate your performance. 
It is important to your development that you answer these self-evaluation questions in an objective and constructive manner.

  1. Enforce and apply the laws correctly?
  2. Deal with misconduct correctly, sensibly and fairly?
  3. Interpret "dangerous play " correctly?
  4. Recognize the difference between unintentional and intentional occurrences?
  5. Deal quickly with incidents of dissent from my decisions?
  6. Talk to players other than in the course of my duties?
  7. Placed my hand on a player's person for any reason?
  8. Wag my finger at players or in any manner suggest that I was belittling them?
  9. When necessary, approach players rather than demand that they approach me?
  10. Act too casually, suggesting that I was not sufficiently interested in the game?
  11. Concentrate on the game and my responsibilities at all times?
  12. Properly establish and maintain control of the game?
  13. Move around the field too slowly?
  14. Slow up when play reached the Penalty -Area?
  15. Anticipate play and quickly move to be near to possible incidents?
  16. Try to keep play between my location and that of the appropriate linesman?
  17. Always face restarts after indicating free-kicks, etc. - running backward when necessary?
  18. Move sufficiently from end to end of the field of play?
  19. Restrict my movements to a line up and down the center of the field of play?
  20. Make full use of the Diagonal System of match control?
  21. Stick too rigidly to a narrow diagonal line and become too distant from play?
  22. Apply the "Advantage clause" correctly?
  23. Properly indicate "advantage" applications and also with the offender?
  24. Allow players to waste time?
  25. Get the game restarted quickly after each stoppage?
  26. Take too long to get into position before signaling for re-starts?
  27. Allow the entry of bench personnel without my signaled permission?
  28. Turn my back to the play and not keep all possibilities in view?
  29. Make the whistle "talk" for me with proper variation and emphasis?
  30. Consider my whistle to be effective?
  31. Give the authorized signals on all occasions?
  32. Develop and maintain genuine teamwork with my Assistant Referees?
  33. Issue proper pre-game instructions to my Assistant Referees and make certain that I was understood?
  34. Look to the Assistant Referees for confirmation of decisions, which were clearly my responsibility?
  35. Where necessary, consult with Assistant Referees quickly, privately and briefly?
  36. Look smart and confident when I enter and leave the field of play?
  37. Approach the game clam, and fully prepared, or was I distracted in any way?
  38. Become over-confident, or unnecessarily the "center of attention"?
  39. Keep clear of the immediate location of play?
  40. Allow players to surround me, to appeal against, or to question my decision?
  41. Control myself, using an effective whistle and calm voice to control the players?
  42. Thank my Assistant Referees after the game and discuss relevant factors afterward with neutral Assistant Referees?
  43. Caution or send off any players and record the necessary detail?
  44. Prepare and send the required game and misconduct reports in a timely manner?
  45. Do my best to implement the "SPIRIT OF THE GAME"? 
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