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Assistant Referee Self Evaluation

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Assistant Referee Self Evaluation

An Assistant Referee is usually his own most severe critic and this should be the case. After every game an Assistant Referee should analyse his match performance and endeavour to take corrective action wherever an improvement is possible.

In order to assist an Assistant Referee in his honest and constructive self-criticism it is suggested that he asks himself the following questions in relation to his recent performance.


  1. Check my assignment prior to traveling to the match?
  2. Conscientiously prepare myself for the Assistant Referee's role?
  3. Arrive at the field at the 'stated time?
  4. Adopt a friendly and fully co-operative attitude towards my colleagues?
  5. If senior to the appointed Referee, properly emphasis my willing assistance?
  6. Help the Referee to approach the game calmly and confidently?
  7. Take proper notice of the Referee's pre-match briefing?
  8. Politely clarify any uncertainty arising during the briefing?
  9. Have all my Referee equipment in my pockets?
  10. Properly, smartly and pleasantly carry out any pre-kick duties I was given?
  11. Enter the field of play in a smart and confident manner as a proud member of a match control team?
  12. Correctly position myself during play and at restarts?
  13. Look towards the Referee for possible repositioning instructions at restarts?
  14. Maintain a proper watch on potential off-side situations?
  15. Precisely meet the Referee's instructions concerning off-side flag signals?
  16. Anticipate ball out of play incidents and signal too soon?
  17. Follow the ball all the way back to goal or to the 'next player' during long range goal scoring attempts and when long back-passes were made?
  18. Move quickly to act as a 'goal judge' when the need arose?
  19. Correctly position myself at corner-kick, penalty-kick and goal-kick restarts?
  20. Assist the Referee by giving oral advice to players with regard to encroachment, throw-in and free-kick locations in my quarter of the playing-area?
  21. Keep my line clear of spectators and take the proper action if they encroached?
  22. Assist the lawful entry of substitute players and inspect their footwear only if previously instructed to do so?
  23. Keep alert at all times and sprint when the occasion demanded rapid movement?
  24. Keep an unfurled flag held fully downward when I had no advice to give the Referee?
  25. Maintain the 'flag down' position when changing positions on my patrol lines?
  26. Avoid crossing my body with the signalling arm?
  27. Always give clear standard flag-signals?
  28. Immediately return the flag to the proper 'down' position when my signals were acknowledged by the Referee?
  29. Avoid signalling to the Referee's back?
  30. Recognise and immediately respond to any gesture of the Referee which conveyed his need for particular or further advice?
  31. Avoid the use of unnecessary flag or free-hand signals?
  32. Avoid giving any suggestion of resentment when the Referee acknowledged my advice but did not act upon it or when he missed an advisory signal?
  33. Quickly move towards the half-way line when a goal was scored?
  34. Remain stationary and await possible consultation with the Referee when an unlawful goal was scored?
  35. Having completed specific monitoring duties, quickly take up position in line with the second defender?
  36. Pass clear 'time remaining' signals to the Referee during stoppages of play?
  37. Quickly approach the Referee when he blew for half-and full-time and thereafter leave the field of play as a team of officials?
  38. Thorough calm post-match discussion in privacy, clarify any misunderstandings, confusions or breakdown of teamwork which occurred during the game?

  39. Record the name, initials and club identity of any player in respect of whom I shall be required to submit a witness Misconduct Report?


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