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10 Week Training Plan


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 The following running schedule was created by Budd Coates, Health Promotions Manager at Rodale Press, who instructs a corporate beginning running program. Coates has taken nonrunners and, in 10 weeks helped them reach their goal of running the 3.5-mile Chemical Bank Corporate Challenge.


Before you start with this schedule, get your legs ready with eight days of walking: walk 20 minutes a day for the first four days, then increase to 30 minutes a day for four more days. Now you're ready to begin with week 1.


Each week of the program, do your run/walk workouts on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and take Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday off. 



Week 1   
Run 2 minutes,   
walk 4 minutes.  
Repeat 5 times.

Week 6   
Run 9 minutes,   
walk 2 minutes.   
Repeat twice, then run 8 minutes.

Week 2   
Run 3 minutes,   
walk 3 minutes.  
Repeat five times.

Week 7   
Run 9 minutes,   
walk 1 minute.   
Repeat three times.

Week 3    
Run 5 minutes,   
walk 2 1/2 minutes.   
Repeat four times. 

Week 8   
Run 13 minutes,   
walk 2 minutes.   
Repeat twice.

Week 4   
Run 7 minutes,   
walk 2 minutes.  
Repeat three times. 

Week 9   
Run 14 minutes,   
walk 1 minute.   
Repeat twice. 

Week 5   
Run 8 minutes,   
walk 2 minutes.  
Repeat three times. 

Week 10   
Run 30 minutes. 

Note: After completing week 9, if you feel tired repeat this week of training before moving on to week 10.

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The 2017 Fernando Morales Memorial 3 v 3 Jamboree was a huge success. Thank you to our sponsors!

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